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September 2011



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Sep. 19th, 2011

Greediness. Isn't it great?

Sometimes, I wonder what's beyond dying. Because if we keep on having to die and be born again, I would really hate it. Then again, we probably wouldn't remember, would we? 
Sometimes, it makes me feel scared of dying. Well, that might be pretty obvious, but still. I imagine that I have to lie under dirt as ashes for centuries, not thinking anything, becoming one with the earth.
I wish my life was more interesting. Maybe that's why I like watching anime, reading manga and fiction books, looking for something different. Something that I wish my life would be more like. Fighting dragons, incredible spiritual power, etc. There's usually some part of the story, where the main character gets super strong all of a sudden, and defeats the bad guys. I wish I had that burst of energy.  I wish for a lot of things, don't I? I need to stop being greedy. But aren't we all greedy? I seriously cannot imagine one person who is good. As in, selfless, kind, generous, sweet, energetic, etc. No one is like that. No one is absolutely good. Everyone has some kind of flaw in themselves. But that's what makes them unique, I guess. Flaws. Because anyone can be kind, anyone can be nice and say hi. Anyone.. can pretend.
Pretending.. For what? For some kind of interview where they bring out films of your whole life and judge you? 
One more wish. It's not as major, I swear. The only thing it does is ask more out of me. 
I wish I could go to sleep without worrying about anything. I wish that I wouldn't have the urge to stay up anymore. 
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Aug. 30th, 2011

Tell Me Wrong :)

I wish Life was like Math. Algebra. Geometry. Calculus. Etc.
All extact and easy to solve. Everything has answers. There is no gray area, no I don't know, no I'm not sure. Whether you like blue cheese or ranch better. Like when you throw a basketball, it either goes in, or doesn't even touch the net. I hate how you have that anticipation right before the actual result. It's like a balloon popped when you realize that no, you're apparently wrong about the entire situation, despite all those hints leading to your answer. I hate surprises. Whether it's a suprise birthday party, or a surprise 'No, you've been doing everything wrong this whole time.' 
Oh, and I hate split ends, too. 
I wish I had motivation, too. Like, the kind that lets you go all Super Man style and finish all those open books you have in front of you. I wish it was that easy. 

I wish....
for ice cream. Mint chocolate chip. Or green tea. Or cookie dough. Or... yeah. Passion fruit. 

Apr. 27th, 2011


 I'm not happy.
Really, I'm not.
I guess being a silly, high-pitched voiced, carefree person has its bad parts.
Like, people really don't know when you're seriously annoyed and you want them to actually stop?
Like, people think you're not serious just because you act like a carefree, nonchalant person?
Like, they don't understand that when I want something back, I want it back now.

Being labeled isn't fun either.
Just to tell you.
But humans like labeling people, right?

Maybe starting off with a negative note isn't good.
But I don't really care. 

Well, on a bright note, I think my life is getting slightly better.
My wardrobe is expanding a bit more; I'm trying not to buy more jeans because frankly, I have plenty that I just don't wear. But now, I'm thinking about getting some accessories.... 

I'm getting a little sleepy now...It's time for me to be gone! Night!